Rebuilding Silver City, Mississippi

Responding to Little Gasparilla Island, FL

Hurricane Ian

CityServe Disaster Relief Summit

Camp Victory on Keystone Lake, in Northeastern Oklahoma

NOVEMBER 9-11, 2023


Kentucky Flooding

With boots on the ground we have personally met and prayed with the following families who have been severely impacted by the floods in Kentucky. Most have lost everything. Would you please consider helping us help them with your prayers and support? Click on a family below to learn more about their situation and to make a donation. Consider adopting a family individually or as an organization. 


John & Karen Slone

John and Karen Slone have had custody of 2 grandchildren since early childhood.  The parents are completely out of

Vanessa Cook

Vanessa Cook is the grandmother and guardian of a 13 year old child.  She is single and trying to

Kristy & Jerry Jacobs

Kristy and Jerry Jacobs have 2 children that attend Beaver Creek Elementary. Even though they were living in poverty,

Mary Dorton

Mary Dorton is a single mother to a middle school aged daughter.  Their mobile home was completely washed away. 

Kenny Ray & Amanda Slone

Kenny Ray and Amanda Slone have 3 children.  Kenny Ray works for a local coal company as a night

Keith & Lee Caudill

Keith and Lee Caudill have 3 children.  Keith works in a coal mine in Hazard, KY.  Lee works at

Justin & Lisa Little

Justin and Lisa Little have 3 children, 2 of which are from a previous marriage but he has custody. 

Danny & Sara Hunter

Danny and Sara Hunter have 3 children.  Danny works for the Ky State Department of Transportation and Sara works

Jason & Becky Hall

Jason and Becky Hall have 3 children.  They recently purchased their first home after living with Jason’s parents to

Robert & Glenda Cook

Robert and Glenda Cook are raising 5 girls, 3 of which are adopted. Robert works as a mechanic at


If you, your organization, or your church would like to become a Faith Responder, volunteering to help our community in Horry County, SC or on a national scale, click the button below to register.

Volunteer sign up is now open to serve in Florida following Hurricane Ian for the next coming weeks and months.

We pray for each person that reads this and registers to come. This is a desperate time for them and they need our help.  We are praying that God sends you to be His hands and feet to serve as ambassadors of Love and Hope.

We believe that miracles are going to happen through you.  Join us as we lift up first responders for strength and courage for what they need to endure within the search and rescue process.

If you are not able to join us, please consider giving to support this outreach. Thank you and God bless you!

This testimonial video was taken during a visit of Little Gasparilla Island, Florida in October 2022.